Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the inspiration for the K2 Tee design come from? 
Back in December of 2021, our Founder and CEO, Kevin Kreppein, saw a post on the Simulator Golf Tour Discord channel talking about an amazing holiday sale for a 3D printer. Having always wanted to experiment with 3D printing, his goal was to eventually 3D print tees for indoor golf and not have to buy tees any more. After weeks of testing all the 3D models on popular sites, Kevin quickly realized that the designs for 3D printed tees suffered from one major issue, they all broke almost immediately. With 3D printing taking a long time for just one tee, Kevin designed a tee in two parts, so if one part broke, it was less time 3D printing. The beauty of 3D printing is the ability to quickly make changes and within a relatively short amount of time, test another revision. Dozens of refinements later he was able to have a design with the right 3D print density that was lasting up to 10 rounds and decided to have the community test the design to see if there was interest in taking it to the market. Over 100 members tested and gave feedback. What you see on our site today is the combination of the original basic design with refinements and requests from the community. We've taken the 3D model design to a local manufacturer and our tees are now an injection molded plastic retail product. 

Where are the tees made? 
Our tees are proudly made in Charlotte, NC. This isn't to say they are made overseas and packaged in Charlotte. They have been designed tested and fully manufactured in the USA, right here in our hometown. 

Does each tee (1-X) have the tether point?
Yes, each tee has the Diamond Tether Point. A way to tether the tees was one of the biggests asks while beta testing our 3D printed design was taking place. The Diamond Tether Point that is on each tee is the result. The unique way in which our bungee cords attach to each tee and our anchor bag combine to eliminate the need to go searching for your tees. 

Are the tees durable?
Although nothing is unbreakable, we've designed the tees in every way to not break. One of the most frustrating things about buying tees for indoor golf is having them break. The material selected and the two-part design allow the tee to absorb the force of the club at impact. This combination allows our tees to take a beating round after round. 

What about the bungee cords, will they last?
Again, nothing is unbreakable, we've made our tees and bungee cords with the intention to have them last. Competitor's cords are 1.2mm thick. We've made our cords 40% thicker to be able to last. The added durability of our cords and our anchor bag placement will minimize the chance of the cords breaking. 

Where should I place the anchor bag?
You can find an illustration and video on our How-To tab. But in short, as a right handed golfer, if the screen was at 12 o'clock, the anchor bag should be about the 1 o'clock position. This way, at impact, the club is essentially pushing the tee and bungee cord toward the screen. Both will lose most of the momentum even before the bungee starts to stretch. If you have the anchor behind you, you are immediately stretching the cord and the club can pull the shaft out of the base of the tee. Some golfers find with the bag positioned at 1 o'clock, the spring back of the tee can bounce around and on their launch monitor. Stringing two bungees together doubling the length elmininates impact with their monitor. 

Do the bungee cords get tangled?
Initially, yes they did a little. Some customers found that by attaching fishing barrel swivels eliminated the twisting/tangling. We tested them and found the swivels worked great. Now all Tether Packs and Bungee Cord Packs have 6 of these swivels packaged with each. Even though the swivels help to minimize the tangling, we also recommend not having all the tees attached to the bag. We find attaching only 3 or 4 works best. Cutomers that want to attach more than that will often buy a second tether pack.  

My tee is bent, is it broken?
No, the plastic we have chosen is pliable and intended to bend during use through impact with the club and pulling of the bungee cord. If the cup that the ball sits on is misshapen, just pinch around the cup to reform. If the tee or tether point is bent, just bend in the opposite directions to straighten.

Why are the tees adjustable?
The 2 levels of height adjustment were the byproduct of the 3D printed test phase. The original design didn't have the height rings, but testers found that the tee had roughly 1/4 of adjustment by pushing the shaft down to the floor. This was a welcomed unintentional discovery to the design that we have incorporated it into the final product. Now the 3-X tees can be extened 1/4. Thre are many advantages to the old saying tee it high and let it fly. Having a taller tee plays into that philosophy

I see discounted shipping for international orders over $60 USD, how do I know if my international order qualifies for the discounts?
With so many countries that we are now shipping to, it would be impossible to list the amount needed in every country and every currency. The easiest way for you to figure this out is to search in GOOGLE for USD to CAD (replace with your currency) and put 60 in the USD field. It will then tell you how much in your currency is needed to start receiving discounted shipping. Shipping discounts start at $60USD and are FREE for the rest of the world outside of the U.S. over $100USD. Also, the total has to be $60USD after any discount codes and before taxes and shipping. 

I have a problem with my tees or order, what do I do?

You can contact the owner directly. You can e-mail or call his mobile number 704-839-1811.