• Chad, Iowa Simulator Golf Tour Founder (Cooke23)

    K2 GOLF tees are essentially the ever lasting gobstopper of sim golf tees. I’ve been playing the same tee for 2 seasons now. If you use the bundle with the beanbag+tether system, you won’t ever lose them. Add to that, they simply have insane durability so yeah, I’ve not had to replace this 1 tee for 2 seasons.

  • Mike West, Virginia SGT Member (Bullpride)

    K2 GOLF Tees have been a real game changer and will be my sim tee going forward. I have used other tees that would constantly break or get lost, which is not the case with these. The tees take some abuse and hold up well (I play at TON of sim golf). Customer service is beyond amazing, and feedback has always been well received.

  • Matt , Kentucky OPCD Co-Owner (DPRoberts)

    “Well thought out design. Durable materials. Best tees I’ve used in my 8 years playing simulator golf.”

  • Ty Rost, Ohio SGT Member (masta_blasta)

    These are the only tees that I've had that have lasted longer than 6 months (I bought them on Kickstarter), don't get lost, are adjustable, and come in variety of heights needed for my friends. Be sure to get the tethers and sand bag. Plan on only having about 3 tees per bag. I'll buy more once mine are done but so far they holding up well.

  • Paul, New Jersey SGT Member (Pizzle)

    The K2 GOLF tees are a game changer. No more searching around for the sim room for flying tees. These work great, are great build quality and the customer service is top notch. Lots of sizes too.

  • Greg, Missouri SGT Member (Gem)

    K2 GOLF Bag and Tether has been huge for my golf sim for time savings alone. No more wasted time spent every driver having to find the tee and readjust. All of my friends agree it's been the most impactful addition

  • Jason, Texas SGT Member

    I started playing on sims with BirTees and when I built my home sim, I started with these. I lost too many in the garage or the plastic tore easily- not to mention having to run around the garage to pick them up after hitting.
    Thankfully the K2 GOLF tees and tether pack allows me to set up multiple tees and never have to find them. The material is super durable, and I’m not sure they’ll ever break.
    Make sure you watch the YouTube videos on how to set them up- I improvised and set them up incorrectly and and damaged the tee. I reached out to K2 GOLF and Kevin immediately offered his contact information and a replacement. Business people like this are rare these days. 5/5 on product and service. Thank you, Kevin!

  • Michael Burton, Texas SGT Member (Burtgolf)

    Prior to getting my K2 GOLF tees, my sim golf experience was full of wasted time looking for tees only to find it and see it has broke or never being able to find a tee that would provide a consistent tee height. Since owning K2 GOLF tees I no longer waste time searching for a tee since they are attached via bungee cord to the tether bag which keeps them all in the same area. I also now have the perfect tee height for my driver, woods and irons. Bonus to this is when anyone else comes over to play they can find their perfect tee height all the way up to the extended "X" tee and I never need to worry about the durability of the tee as mine still look just as new as the day I got them delivered!

  • Bob Chung, Illinois SGT Member (bobchung)

    K2 GOLF is the best tee I ever used playing 8 years of indoor simulator golf.
    I used many different tees, but nothing lasted longer than K2 GOLF. The best thing about K2 GOLF Tee is I don't have to look for tees after hitting the driver anymore and that alone can save me a few minutes off my live stream times. I highly recommend K2 GOLF tees.

  • Dan Plato Amazon Customer

    Fantastic Tees for Simulator!
    I bought these to replace the Birtees I had connected to tee claws. While that setup worked well for a while I was running into regularly destroyed tees and broken bungees. The K2 GOLF tees are much more durable and are absolutely worth it! They are designed by people who understand sim golf and the customer service has been fantastic! If you are looking for tees for your simulator, keep it simple and invest in these. You will be happy you did!

  • Judd Shea, Nebraska SGT Member (runpuddrun)

    THE BEST simulator tees out there. I've tried every tee, and every indoor tee out there. These K2 GOLF tees are far and away the best, most durable.

  • Marcus Fessler, Wisconsin SGT Member (RazorRains)

    K2 GOLF Tees will be the only sim tee I ever use. They are extremely durable, don't get lost, and unlike other sim golf tee's I have used in the past, have never caused a misread from my launch monitor. Customer service has always far exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!

  • Patrick Davis, New York SGT Member

    I have been using K2 GOLF tees and anchor bag for about 8 months. They are very useful and a great invention for those using simulators. Although I have had a minor issue with 2 tees, the owner was quick to respond and even called me directly to stand behind his product!

  • Rodney Hunt Amazon Customer

    Best golf sim tees on the market.
    The best golf sim tees you can buy right now.

  • Zach, North Carolina SGT Member

    I have used K2 GOLF tees for about 6 months now, and I must say I'm impressed. The tees are durable. Plus, the variety of sizes they offer makes it perfect for anyone.

  • Chris, Missouri SGT Member (WTF#1976)

    I had been going through so many different Sim Tee types for the the last year+. I have done the real tees (meh), switched to plastic cone shape things (they were fine but I lost so many). Then I ran across the K2 GOLF Tees. Game changer!!! I mean seriously if you buy one thing for your sim, it should be this tee system. I have all the sizes and there is one for every player in my group. No more losing plastic tees, they take a beating, and frankly it just makes my sim look legit!

  • Amazon Customer

    Great products and responsive seller that cares.
    Excellent product if you want something that will last and functions great! No more chasing tees around after shots, or trying to stick tees in a worn out hitting mat. Skytrak users (with a red dot spot to hit from each time) will truly appreciate these.